The Original Word Bird

Fred Penner with Word Bird from CBCs Fred Penner's Place

Fred Penner’s Place. Canada’s very own version of Mr Rogers’ Neighbourhood. And can you guess what Fred Penner had that Mr Rogers didn’t? A Word Bird!

If you are unfamiliar with Fred Penner, he is an award winning Canadian children’s music performer who is well known for hosting a popular kids television show on CBC from 1985 to 1997.

Every show started off with Fred Penner hiking through a backdrop of Canadian landscape, where he would end up crawling through a log to get to a secret hideaway.

During the show’s half hour time slot, he would play games and perform musical numbers, as well as interact with puppets and guest stars to assist with educating his younger audience.

One of the more memorable, and recurring puppets was the Word Bird. This puppet’s sole purpose was to interact with Fred by bringing him a word of the day that would help guide the context of the show along. This would teach the viewers at home the meaning and definition of the word so they could broaden their vocabularies.

Although we did not directly name ourselves after this show’s puppet, being a Canadian company we feel it would be impolite of us to not mention nor acknowledge the history Canada has with the name itself, word bird.

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