Our Origin Story

Podcasting Microphone and laptop setup with light on desk

Up, Up, and Away!

Our Origin Story… all superheroes have one, and small businesses too! Although no one here was bit by a radioactive spider or came from the planet Krypton, we do have a super duper team of talented designers, developers, marketeers, and more! But where did it all begin?

If it wasn’t for wordbird.com already in use, our logo would have been completely different!

Way back when, on a beautiful spring day, a young and budding Graphic/Web Designer thought to himself, “word bird would be a fun and great name for a company.”

However, this designer already owned a business and was happy with the name of their graphic and web design company. Rebranding did not cross their mind… although, they had wanted to create a new business that would primarily focus on helping other brands and individuals with their online social media presence.

It turned out Word Bird had been the perfect name for this unborn company. So that’s when the domain name search began and if it wasn’t for wordbird.com already in use, the logo would have been completely different!

Unfortunately after purchasing the new domain name, that business idea never took flight. More or less, #lifestuff just got in the way

Almost a decade later, in the spring of 2021, the designer took on a new project for their graphic design company; a lawn sign that needed a QR Code on it. Beginning to dive deeper into a world of 2D barcodes, a new business idea started to form. One that would help others to connect to their local community with the use of Dynamic QR Codes.

It would cut costs on marketing and print related materials, as well as do so many other amazing things to help people connect locally. Luckily, after all of those years, now older and wiser, that Graphic/Web Designer had the perfect name for this company… The WordByrd Network.

Thank-you for taking the time to read our post 🙂 If you ever have questions about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.