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business cards.

  • let's get digital


    We turn your business card into an interactive online link!

    • Free Contact Info Updates
    • contact info download
    • qr code link and file
    • 1 Year of Hosting
    • upgrade at any time
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  • let's go pro


    let's go digital and then add some extra features!

    • analytics tracking
    • add more business info
    • card animations
    • extra design widgets
    • dynamic QR Code
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  • à la mode


    we'll build your card on your own domain and website.

    • employee card management
    • analytics tracking set-up
    • qr code design and admin
    • custom design work
    • web design & development
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out our services.

  • web hosting

    wordpress... mention wordpress since your digital business card is a website, you can copy and paste the link to your site into any messenger app... just hit send.

  • brand design

    do you still meet people in person? show your qr code to someone and they can add you to their phone, follow you on social, and so much more!


    you can share your digital business card with anybody who keeps their mobile device (or desktop computer), connected to the internet.