about wordbyrd

inside the nest.

growing up

print to digital.

  • infancy

    in our early years, we primarily designed logos, and for each logo we created, we were tasked to assemble a business card to go with it.

  • 2020

    during the lockdown, we became fascinated with how effective qr codes can deliver a message while reducing printing costs.

  • right meow

    although we love logo & print design, we've also honed our web development skills to offer a unique way of sharing contact info.

cold card facts

front & back.

  • graphic design

    over 15 years experience in layout & web design.

  • free revisions

    host with us and do not pay for contact info updates.

  • responsive

    our digital cards look great across all popular devices.

  • cloud hosting

    speedy data delivery by google cloud platform.

    green hosting

    our cards are powered by renewable energy sources.

    app free

    other digital card providers require app downloads.

  • pick a card

    any card.

    the wordbyrd network inc. exists to provide digital solutions to help you connect better with your local community.

    we focus the majority of our creative efforts on educating the public on how to build your network locally, whether it’s with dynamic qr codes, digital business cards, or one of our other creative services.

    as well, we literally built two online business directories where people can find your digital business card in order to grow your client list without having to put in any extra effort.

    wordbyrd.biz is a business directory website for part-time and full-time working professionals and businesses with more than one employee and possibly a store-front presence.

    you offer more than one service, or you’re a one-stop shop for customers who want to get it all in one place.

    whether you host your digital business card with wordbyrd or hire us to set your card up on your domain, you have the option to publicly share your card on wordbyrd.biz.

    wordbyrd.me is a directory listing website for entrepreneurial spirits and part-time working professionals.

    you have a short list of services but require an online presence without breaking the bank to accomplish your goals.

    whether you host your digital business card with us or hire wordbyrd to set it up on your own domain, you will have the option to share your card on wordbyrd.me publicly.

    early byrd


    • the worm

      we're hungry for knowledge. the more knowledge we acquire, the more design styles we can dish out year to year.

    • the work

      we primarily focus on word-of-mouth marketing, which means we're always focused on the task at hand, not the next lead.

    • the first look

      we've teamed up with several of our web app providers to test beta versions of the tools we use to stay one step ahead at all times.

    logo & web

    design services.

    • brand design

      logo design, rebranding, identity guidelines, & more.

    • web design

      business websites, personal blogs, e-commerce, & more.

    • print design

      business cards, stickers, brouchures & more.

  • web hosting

    we help set-up and manage wordpress websites.

    qr codes

    branded design, and dynamic qr code set-up.

    ad targeting

    ads set-up, management, and location tracking.

  • community

    is where it's at.

    • land acknowledgement

      wordbyrd works on the land of First Nations Treaty 6 Territory & Region 4 of the Métis Nation of Alberta.

    • indigenous made

      wordbyrd is owned and operated by a citizen of the Métis Nation. learn more about the MNA here.

    • pay what you can

      if you come from a low-income situation, let's see what we can do to help you out. connect today.